Our Service

  • Surveying at every Korean port since 1954

Our Service

Metal&Mineral, Steel scrap Survey

1. Steel Scrap and Steel-Making Raw Materials

KASCO provides impartial inspection as well as quality and weight control for import and exports of scrap metal. Our experts have worked for many prominent global scrap metal trading companies from Asia(including Russia), America, and Europe.
We provide independent quality control, radiation monitoring, loading and discharging supervision, and weight verification for both containerized and bulk shipped scrap metals.

Our services include:

  • Draft Survey
  • Grading According to International Standards
  • Impurity, Oversize, Off-Grade Estimation
  • Explosive Free Checks
  • Radiation Testing
  • Stockpile Auditing
  • Supervision of Loading and Discharging
  • Weighing Supervision
  • Calibration Checks
  • Container Sealing and Opening
  • Quantity and Quality Certification
  • Hold Condition Inspection Before Loading

Scrap metals that we have inspected previously include all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.