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  • Surveying at every Korean port since 1954


1954 ~ 1976
1954 As a sister company of American Insurance Group, Began its work in Korea under the name of Underwriters Adjustment Company.
1961 Incorporated into Korean Adjusters & Surveyor Corporation (KASCO).
1964 Licensed by Korean Government.
1970 Nominated as an inspection company by The Office of Supply, Korea.
1976 Nominated as nautical inspectors by Liberian & Marshall Island Port Authorities.
1977 ~ 1988
1978 Nominated as nautical inspectors by Panama Maritime Authority.
1980 Received a commendation by Korean Government
1981 Nominated as P&I surveyors by The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association P&I Club.
1983 Nominated as sole measurement company by Japan, Korea, India, Pakistan & Gulf Freight Conference.
1984 Korea Shipping Day Industry Award by president
1985 1st&2nd inspection training for LNG Inspection at N.K.K.K in Japan
1988 Management transferred to present Korean owner
1989 ~ 2018
1992 Contracted with Inspectorate Group as a agency in Korea
1993 Contracted with CIC(China inspection company) for cooperation of survey
1994 3rd inspection training for LNG Inspection at N.K.K.K in Japan
1997 Achieved ISO 9001 Quality System
1998 Nominated as Warranty surveyor by American International Underwriters.
Nominated as agency/surveyor by The People's Insurance Company(PICC), China.
1999 Nominated as Korea P&I Club's surveyor.
2000 Cumulative Customer of 4000 companies
2004 Established KASCO’s building and laboratory in Ulsan city & 2005 – Received commendation of Honest Taxpayer Award from National Tax Service of Korea.
2009 Received commendation from Minister of Knowledge Economy
2016 Cumulative Customer of 6000 companies
2017 Introduced KASCO new system (KNS)