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  • Surveying at every Korean port since 1954


KASCO has always led the Korean maritime surveyor industry.

Since its establishment in 1954, KASCO has always maintained its top position in the Korean maritime surveyor industry.

While we initially began providing adjustment and survey services for the marine insurance sector, we have since expanded the scope of our services to include third-party surveying for Korea’s imports and exports following the nation’s rapid economic growth. Today, in addition to various services in the marine insurance sector, we provide third-party surveying and inspection services to all types of marine cargos including oil & petroleum, metals & minerals, etc.

KASCO currently operates 10 branches throughout the nation’s major ports and provides services across all ports and industrial complexes through over 90 experienced professionals.

Since its inception, KASCO has served over 6,000 clients, including nearly all import and export firms, ship owners and operators, trading firms, and marine insurance firms active both at home and abroad. On an annual basis, we issue roughly 12,000 inspection & survey reports for over 700 clients, maintaining our leading position as the nation’s largest local surveying firm over the past 60 years.

We here at KASCO strive to break free from tradition or past practices, continuing to innovate and provide services that meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Most recently, we have developed a new IT system that digitally connects customers, field surveyors, and support staff through mobile. Thus, we can provide customers with real-time information regarding scheduling and inspection progress while also delivering our wirtten reports online.

Just as we have pioneered Korea’s maritme surveyor industry back in 1954, we will continue to lead and develop the industry, making every effort to continue providing more timely and better-optimized services suited for our customers' constantly changing market needs.

Our  Service

KASCO is providing professional services with experienced surveyors at all Korean port and terminal.

Oil & Petrochemical Cargo Survey

Loading & Discharging Inspection & Witness

Cargo Quantity and Quality Inspection

Laboratory Analysis Service

Marine Survey

Ship Inspection

Cargo Inspection

Maritime Insurance Claim and Other Maritme Matters

Metal&Mineral, Steel scrap Survey

Steel Scrap and Steel-Making Raw Materials